Dlaczego ta gra jest i zawsze będzie porażką

2014-03-31 18:56:38

Na tak kontrowersyjne stwierdzenie z tematu wiadomości przyszło odpowiadać twórcom gry za pośrednictwem forum oficjalnego. Dyskusja dotycząca odczuć społeczności wobec najnowszej części America's Army należy do jednych z najbardziej popularnych wątków i nie mogła pozostać nieuzauważona przez twórców.

Czoła fali krytyki postanowił stawić przedstawiciel zespołu programistów gry DEV Rawster, który w długiej wypowiedzi przedstawił plany na przyszłość oraz sposoby na rozwiązanie problemów z aplikacją. Zapewnił też społeczność o pełnym zaangażowaniu twórców oraz potwierdził fakt o którym doskonale wiemy, iż gra wciąż notuje odpływ graczy. Oto pełna treść wypowiedzi DEVa.


Hey guys! It seems like this is the popular place to be, so I thought I would join in. So quite a few valid comments and concerns have been brought up here along with SO MUCH cynicism! How about we all just take a deep breath and relax a bit okay? Good!

So, as I mentioned, I see quite a few comments that warrant being addressed. Unfortunately, I also see quite a few misunderstandings and misrepresentations of things on our end, that I would like to try to address. This is a LONG thread, so I'm sure I won't cover everything. Some things I'm not the best person to talk about, some things I probably over looked, and some things I just don't feel like focusing on right now. But I have got a pretty decent list to work with. I will be talking about things in the order I saw things mentioned (for the most part), so if I seem a bit all over the place, that is why.

"The Dev's don't listen to us!"
This honestly couldn't be further from the truth. We are on the forums quite often checking out threads that seem relevant to what we are currently working on. We get a ton of useful information from the forums and use it often when making decisions and planning future goals. For example, I know for a fact every single member of the design team has read some (if not all) of the thread we are on right now.

"But it has been TWO WHOLE DAYS and those terrible Devs haven't even bothered to respond here yet!"
Contrary to popular belief, we have better things to do then chat on the forums all day long. As I mentioned above, we use the forums to support our efforts, but diving in to conversations on every forum post that warrants a response takes away from actual development time. Also, we kinda have a release coming up this week. That means the best times to post is in the evenings at home. Many of the Devs have social lives, families, and other important things to do during that time. We are normal people just like you, after all. For example, I've spent the last hour at home refreshing myself on this thread (and catching up with new posts) and writing this response. Trust me, there are other things I need to be doing right now.

"The game is losing players!"
Yes it is. We know that most months see us losing more players than we gain. I can also tell you right now that more people are playing Farming Simulator 2013 than are playing our game. And you know what? IT SUCKS! You hate it. We hate it. And we are doing everything we can to turn those numbers around. But you know what? It is going to take some time. We have plans that we are working hard to implement, but things aren't going to magically change over night.

"There is just no passion from the Devs! They care more about cashing a paycheck than making a good game!"
I like having a job as much as the next guy, but we are extremely passionate about this game. We are a small team that is totally invested in this game. Each of us is working 40+ hours each and every week to make this the best game possible. Every single developer, without a fault, cares more about the success of this game than any of you ever will. Sorry if that shatters some realities.

"Competition players are important for a healthy game"
We totally agree. We want a strong competitive community and are currently working hard to support that. That includes everything from creating new features to make playing competitively more convenient to reexamining some existing features to bring them more in line with player expectations.

A strong competitive scene helps keep the game in the spotlight which will hopefully bring about new players. We hope to keep things accessible for those guys too though :)

"Man, those smoke grenades are killing performance!"
We know. We have put some pretty heavy work into them. The are looking pretty good AND performing better! You should be seeing them fairly soon.

"I. Hate. Revives.
Sorry, but I highly doubt revives will be disappearing. We totally get that some players don't like playing with revives, and are more than willing to support that. The option is there to play with out them and many (including comp guys) already do. We like revives for a variety of reasons. It makes the game a bit more "new player friendly", particularly for those more familiar with things like COD and BF. Many of us also feel like it encourages some teamwork. I know some of you just snapped your keyboards in half, and I get it. I have read the arguments from people who hate revives and feel like it provides no teamwork opportunities at all. We have even had debates internally about the subject. But that is where things stand right now and I don't see us deciding to eliminate revives any time soon. That's just the way it is.

With that being said, we aren't above continuing to improve the system. We already turned max revives down to 1 by default and prefer it that way. We know people have asked for no revive on headshot as standard as well. We are aware of those sentiments and certainly investigate things like that internally.

"In world spots! I hate those too!"
There are some things we like about in world spots and some things we don't. We are examining other alternatives. We even did some playtests earlier this week with Spot completely disabled! Madness, right?

"I don't like maps X, Y, and Z"
I'm sorry you don't like them, but some people out there do. Pick a map and I can find someone who loves it and someone who hates it. Hopefully we have a good variety for everyone. We are obviously looking to continue bringing out new maps and we are creating them as fast as we can. We are also using feedback from some of the older maps to influence our new maps. That's why you won't see any more maps with the training theme and why maps like Red Line were a bit on the bigger side (comparatively).

Game types aren't supported well enough!
I totally agree. We only have 1 Take and Hold map. We only have 2 Carry Bomb maps. We would certainly like to support those better, but at the same time we aren't going to force a game type in to a map where it doesn't belong. New maps will look to support these game types more. The problem is we aren't able to pump out maps super fast. Red Line took about 3 months from concept to completion. We are currently trying to challenge ourselves to improve that. Our current goal is to do two maps in 3 months for RFI-3 and we seem to be on pace to achieve that.

"The developers are clueless, incompetent, unqualified, and probably smell funny too!
I'm not sure how much my word is worth to you, but our team is made up of a lot of really talented, experienced people. They are passionate, smart, and good at what they do. We have people on our team with well over a decade of industry experience and people who have worked for big name studios on major AAA titles. Those who got here with less experience had great references, a good educational background, and a killer portfolio. Everyone we hire also goes through a tough interview process and skills test. We say 'no' to more applicants than we say 'yes' to.

So, whatever your misgivings about the direction of the game may be, don't blame it on the skill or competence of the people I work with every day. It is just flat out incorrect to do so.

"I could design this game in my sleep!"
I know you think you know exactly how to fix this game. You all do. And you know what? Most of you have pretty good ideas and solutions. Except for that guy over there....

The thing is, if good ideas were all you needed then this game would already be all you could ever want and more. It doesn't quite work like that.

First you need to figure out the best way of tackling the problem. Then you need to finish fleshing that design out. Then you need to get that design approved. Yep, even the Lead Designer has people above him who can tell him 'no'. Then you need to document the design out in great detail. Then get the design created. That involves getting help from programmers, artists, UI guys, sound guys and sometimes others (more designers, database people, QA guys, Producers, etc). Oh, by the way all of those guys also have a ton of other tasks already on their plate. Some of those guys even have other PROJECTS they have to share time on. And the deadline you are trying to hit has already been set. And once it is done (or atleast in a workable state) you need to test it. And tweak it. And test it some more.

Basically what I'm saying is it is a complicated process. Again, good ideas don't just make themselves over night. It takes time.

"You don't even have Fireteams!"
In the works as we speak.

"What is with the FLO and BDX crap?!"
We are aware that some people don't like the FLO and BDX split. I have seen the idea to just make all maps 8v8 thrown around. In all honesty, that idea makes a lot of sense. It is something we have certainly discussed, among other things.

"What about the CEM? Do you guys remember that thing?"
Yep. We do :)

"You add things we aren't even asking for while ignoring critical issues!"
I know it seems that way sometimes, but it really isn't the case. It is probably more accurate to look at some things as freebies. The holosight? Sure, it isn't as important to you guys as improving the Netcode (a topic I'm certainly not qualified to discuss), but you know what? You guys don't want Ben (holosight creator) touching that Netcode. Last time I checked, paintbrushes and crayons don't work too well with C++. It didn't take been too long to make the holosight (because Ben is good at what he does) and he learned some useful things for some future stuff he will be working on. So, he got what he needed out of it and you got a new optic. At worst you lost out on a few additional Harbor Assault assets, and that map was set at night anyway so you really wouldn't have seen them all that well to begin with :P

Ok, it is late and I'm tired of typing. Hopefully you got some useful stuff out of my responses. Really guys, when it all boils down to it, it comes down to resources. We know you guys want more from the game than its current state. We do too! And we have ideas on how to get there. Many of those ideas are groomed by comments on these forums. It is just going to take us some time to get there. We are a small team, so we can't move at the speed the Infinity Ward, DICE, or Valve guys do. If you knew how many people we have working on the game you would be impressed we even have a game to begin with! And before you ask.... no I'm not allowed to tell you how many people we have and yes, I think that is a silly rule I have to follow.

I will check back here in a day or two to see if there are any other questions/comments I can address. Just please don't make me wade through another 14 pages worth of posts and please stop yelling at me. :)


Americas Army


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